Cashmere Quality


Cashmere Origin

High above 14,000 feet in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, mountain goats, locally known as “chyangra”, are found.

Because the environment at such altitude is harsh, with freezing winter temperatures reaching -30°C, these goats grow a super-soft, super-fine layer of fiber (six times finer than human hair) beneath their tough outer coat to keep warm.

After winter, the mountain goats shed this very fine layer of fur naturally, producing the world's finest and most luxurious cashmere. 

How Our Cashmere is Made

Every spring when the weather is mild, shepherds collect and hand-comb the fiber shed by the Himalayan mountain goats, a process that is entirely harmless to the animals.

Only a small amount of fiber is collected from each goat per year, which is why cashmere is so precious. After cleaning to remove impurities, the remaining silky soft fiber is dried and spun manually in traditional hand looms in our Kathmandu workshop.

It takes several days to handweave a single cashmere shawl. Our skilled male and female artisans transform this luxurious fiber into delicate scarfs and shawls to be treasured for a lifetime.


Our Quality Promise

All Corala Cashmere, all of our products are authenticated with a Chyangra Pashmina logo issued by industry players in collaboration with the Government.

This hallmark guarantees that the highest quality and most genuine cashmere is used in our product manufacturing. The trademark also assures the quality of manufacturing process, environment friendliness, use of skilled employees and exclusion of child labour. 

Quality tests of our cashmere are completed routinely. During the production process and before our products are packaged, a quality control manager checks each shawl three times at different weaving stages to assure quality, ensuring our customers receive the best product the market can offer.


Cashmere Colours

All colours used in our cashmere are made from eco-friendly products and thus are not harmful to the skin. They are free of hard chemicals, bleach and brighteners.

Each cashmere shawl is individually hand-dyed to perfection by the experts. Beautiful vibrant colours of our cashmere were chosen from hundreds of options available. They reflect both the deep richness and subtle hues that pashminas are famous for.

Care for Cashmere

Cashmere is expensive and labor intensive to produce and therefore must be cared for properly. Professional dry cleaning is the best method for washing your cashmere.

We recommend you never put your cashmere shawl in a washing machine, tumble dryer or use an iron on high heat to dry or flatten the garment. Direct sunlight may cause the cashmere colours to fade and you should not store it in a damp place.

Do make sure to wear your cashmere shawl often as it will get softer with use. Yes, the more you use it, the more softer it becomes!